Airbus has been considering redesigning the A380s grand stairway between two double-decker aircraft's levels to increase the passenger capacity and make the plane more attractive to its operators, as the sales of the plane continue to struggle.

Currently, A380 superjumbo is the world's largest passenger plane with capacity for up 544 passengers in a four-class configuration. (853 seats in single class configuration.) The plane's stairway has been designed to reminiscent of those from an ocean cruise ships and looks stunning.


However, the plane manufacturer noticed, that passengers do not feel the need to walk between the main deck and the upper level during the journeys and the stairway could be redesigned to accommodate as many as 60 passengers without the reduction of the width of seats or the aisle. The passengers would be seated in a 3-5-3 setting, instead of the current 3-4-3 setting. In addition, the crew rest area could be redesigned to create more room.

The profit margin of the Airbus A380 remains extremely low and the plane manufacturer is barely breaking even, therefore it is exploring options to making the aircraft more attractive to the carriers. As of April 2016, there have been 319 orders for A380 aircraft. In 2015, Airbus delivered 27 A380s, assembling slightly more than 2 aircraft per month, while the assembly rate is expected to decline to 1.7 starting in 2017.