A drug smuggler who tried to hide more than 2 kilos of cocaine in a fake bottom of his suitcase when traveling through Gatwick, was sentenced for 6 years in prison.

39-year old Hudson Prescod arrived at London from Saint Lucia, a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a suitcase in his hands. United Kingdom's border officers examined his luggage and found out that the suitcase had a false bottom, under which was a white paste substance later to be determined as Class A drug - cocaine.

70 kilos of cocaine were confiscated from the plane.

Sue Young, Border Force South Director commented on the incident: “The expertise of Border Force officers is often the crucial first step in bringing to justice individuals who attempt to bring dangerous drugs into the country. In this case, a large amount of cocaine has been kept off the UK’s streets and the person responsible has been handed a lengthy jail sentence."

Experts estimate that the cocaine found was worth more than £300,000 ($450,000)  if cut and sold in the UK.