A Japan Airlines‘ (JAL) flight from Komatsu to Tokyo had to be cancelled for an uncommon reason – the carrier‘s co-pilot was arrested for slapping a police officer and the replacement could not be found on time. 

Reportedly, a 42-year old Soichi Tatsumi and  49-year-old the captain of the flight had a dinner, highlighted by alcohol consumption. After the pair arrived at the hotel, before the following morning‘s flight, they got into a physical argument and the police was called. After the Soichi Tatsumi slapped an officer he was immediately arrested for obstructing a policeman of his duty. 

According to airlines policy, the pilots are permitted to consuming alcohol 12 before the departure, but both colleagues are suspected of breaching the rule. Soichi Tatsumi himself does not remember the accident. 

The flight had to be cancelled because the carrier could not find a substitute for the co-pilot on time. JAL representatives apologized for “causing great inconvenience.”