The 4th Annual China Aeronautical Materials and Process Summit is committed to advanced aeronautical, aero engine, aviation interior materials, as well as advanced processing technology and aeronautical materials airworthiness forensics.

The summit's attendees are invited to explore China's aviation materials industry layout, the development of new materials and the latest materials processing technologies. The event is organized by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics and hosted by Galleon Consulting. 

Topics of the summit

  • The ‘13th Five-Year’ Plan—New Requirements & Introduction of Aeronautical Materials Industry in China
  • The Airworthiness Certification for Aeronautical Materials and Quality Management in China
  • The Challenges and Expectations of Advanced Aeronautical Materials Used on China Commercial Aircraft
  • The Future Trend of Civil Aircraft Aeronautical Materials Manufacturing Industry:Intelligent, Digital, Automated and Modular
  • The Potential Development of Brand New Composite Materials-Graphene 
  • The Potential Development and Needs of Composite Materials on China Commercial Aviation Industry
  • Development Status and Demands of Aeronautical Titanium Alloys
  • The Demands of Advanced Materials and Processing Technologies for Civil Aero Engine
  • Resin Matrix Composite Materials Make Turbofan Engine Spin Faster
  • The Advanced Process Technology Used on Aero Engine--Electrochemical Machining

More information about the even can be found here.