Authorities at Eppley Airport in Omaha, United States, were involved in a bizarre accident, as a man wearing only his underwear, stole a truck and crashed it into Southwest Airlines' Boeing 737.

Airports officered encounter a suspect, acting strangely at facility's perimeter. For an unknown reason, he was shouting, that other people were trying to kill him. Authorities tried to get hold of him but the man jumped over the fence and entered a secured area, where  Southwest Airlines' pickup truck had its engine running. 

During the chase, the man stripped down only to his underwear, crashed the vehicle, into Boeing 737 that was loading the passengers. Steph Vinton Pollock posted the image of the incident on Twitter.

Southwest Airlines reported that the were no serious injuries to the passengers nor the crew but the flight had to be delayed for several hours, as the damaged airplane was replaced. 

The suspect was arrested and later hospitalized. Charges are pending.