Rolls Royce confirms it would not reach the delivery targets of its newest Trent 7000 engine in 2018. The manufacturer originally planned to deliver 550 engines by the end of the year, but is now looking at approximately 500. The 2019 targets remain unchanged.

On October 26, 2018, the company confirmed it is likely to fall short on prior engine delivery project, due to “early stage production ramp up challenges”. Rolls Royce also claims working “closely” with Airbus and other clients on the details of the delivery schedule, and still expects to reach next year’s targets.

“While the production ramp up issues in Q4 are regrettable, such issues in the early stages of a new engine program are not uncommon in our industry,” the company statement read. “As we move into 2019 we are confident that Trent 7000 production and delivery volumes will increase significantly to meet our customer commitments”.

Trent 7000 is the latest engine in Rolls Royce Trent family. Having gained its “ticket to fly” from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in July 2018, the engine is exclusively powering Airbus newest A330neo family.