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Rytis Beresnevicius
SAS announces new Transatlantic route with A321LR

The Scandinavian airline has announced the first new route with its Airbus A321LR. Starting September 2020, the carrier will connect Denmark's capital and Boston....

AeroTime Team
SAA’s restructuring plan backfires as unions begin strike

Earlier in November, South African Airways (SAA) announced a new restructuring plan in hopes to break years-long string on losses and accelerate a turnaround process. But now it is facing a two days strike, threatening the very survival of South Africa’s national carrier....

Ruta Burbaite
Middle East aviation market set on further growth, Boeing says

Before the Dubai Airshow 2019 kick-starts on November 17, 2019, let us take a look at what Boeing has to say about what the commercial aviation market in the Gulf has in store for the next two decades....