The number of most Boeing 787 Dreamliners Heathrow has ever seen improved airlines' noise record by 6%.

Early phase out of the noisiest planes is a key part of Heathrow’s Noise Blueprint. Heathrow is on track to become the first large European airport to be completely free of “Chapter 3” aircraft the oldest and noisiest classification, due in part to the heavy fees airlines pay to land these planes at Heathrow. On average, airlines pay ten times more to fly Chapter 3 planes to Heathrow than they pay for the quietest aircraft, like Dreamliners. 

"Replacing aircraft with newer, quieter types is one of the best ways to reduce noise and that is why the progress shown in the latest league standings is so important," said Matt Gorman, Heathrow Director of Sustainability and Environment.

Heathrow has some of the world’s toughest rules on noise which has played a major role in driving developments in quieter aircraft technology. Restrictions, in particular, those that apply to flights at night, promote the use of ‘best in class’ aircraft.

These incentives have contributed to more of the quietest planes being used at Heathrow – on average the aircraft that airlines use are 15% quieter than the total global fleets of those airlines.