On the 3rd of October 2016, the Spanish Air Force received its first H215 helicopter for Search and Rescue (SAR) and Personnel Recovery/Combat SAR missions.

The Air Force’s H215 boasts additional fuel tanks that extend its range up to 560 km, an emergency buoyancy system, a high-frequency radio, a hoist, and a cockpit compatible with night vision goggles, among other equipment.

The H215 will be assigned to the Air Force’s 802 Squadron/RCC Canarias and will arrive at its base in Gando (Gran Canaria) before the end of 2016.

The new helicopter will directly enter into service, following a short training program for crews, who already have extensive experience of flying other versions of the Super Puma.

Transportes Aéreos Pegaso is the first company to operate H175 helicopter on the American continent.

The Spanish Air Force operates several helicopters belonging to the Super Puma family, in both civil and military versions. The aircraft operate in 3 SAR Squadrons as well as in the 402 Air Force Squadron, which is responsible for the transport of senior government officials.