In the beginning of October, the Polish government decided to scrap the purchase deal of 50 Caracal helicopters, which was agreed upon by the previous Cabinet. According to the country’s Ministry of Defense, Airbus-made helicopters did not meet the essential security interests of the company. Such a move has been met with discontent from the manufacturer, which published an open letter to the Polish PM and is demanding a compensation.

Airbus Group’s CEO Tom Enders stated that, according to his impression, the Polish government has been misleading the company for several months. The scrapped deal would have been worth $3.5 billion and would have led to Airbus creating around 6000 jobs in Poland.

According to recent media reports, Poland is already in talks with Sikorsky’s Polish subsidiary PZL Mielec, which produces the S-70i Black Hawk.

After Warsaw cancelled the purchase of 50 Caracal military helicopters from Airbus, French President Francois Hollande deferred his visit to Poland, which was scheduled for the 13th of October.