In the end of 2016, the German Air Force will receive an Airbus A400M military transporter with an advanced self-protection system, which was originally scheduled for delivery in January 2016.

Previously, Germany had received five A400M aircraft that were not equipped with a self-protection system. The system in question encompasses a radar warning receiver and a projectile spotting system. It also has the possibility to launch decoys.

Germany is the largest operator of Airbus’ military transporter, which was originally planned for seven NATO members in Europe. The Airbus A400M Atlas a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft that is also suitable for aerial refueling and medical evacuation missions. The A400M program was launched in May 2003 but was shadowed by delays and pervasive technical problems. It is possible that company will not break even without having to sell the aircraft outside to non-NATO countries.

Airbus blames itself for the engine problems of military transporter A400M Atlas.