ATR announced the launch of a pilot training program in partnership with ENAC (French National School of Civil Aviation). This approximately 24-month program will recruit cadet pilots and offer a syllabus in compliance with the EASA regulations (European Aviation Safety Agency).

The turboprops aircraft manufacturer forecasted that the worldwide air traffic will grow significantly over the next twenty years. By creating new synergies between initial and advanced training, ATR and ENAC will more effectively meet the market transformation needs, especially in rapidly growing areas.

Philippe Crébassa, Deputy Director of ENAC, explained: “This new initiative is at the heart of our ambition. ENAC, the top aviation school in Europe, supports French companies in their international expansion. With ATR, we will deploy together new tools in order to better train pilots and accompany the growth of air traffic.”

According to the latest ATR Market Forecast, published in July 2016, demand for new turboprops is expected to reach 750 units over the next 20 years. This would be partly fuelled by about 600 new routes to be created in the region (excluding China).

Christian Commissaire, Director of ATR Training Center, said: “This partnership with ENAC allows us to offer comprehensive, best-in-class training for ATR pilots. We are partnering with a global expert to meet the development needs of our customers who often struggle to recruit qualified pilots.”

Since the signing of a memorandum of understanding in June 2015, ENAC and ATR have developed and are planning to market several joint offers, such as modular training courses to prepare pilots for ATR Type Rating.