In preparation for the Airport Solutions Mexico 2017 to be held in Mexico City, 3rd – 4th of May 2017, F&E Aerospace, the event organiser, has announced that the conference programme will take key topics including modernisation and upgrades, interconnectivity, government policy and regulations, green airports, security and friendly airports.

Modernisation and upgrades were identified as a key area with potential for the Mexican and LATAM industry. Panel sessions on this will include “Opportunities for investment in new airport building projects” and “Socioeconomic advantages of new airports and airport upgrades in the LATAM region”. During the conference in May, a case study from El Dorado Colombia building committee will be used to learn from experience whilst looking at future opportunities for the LATAM region.

A second key topic identified was connectivity and opportunities for growth. It was regarded as an important topic especially for Mexico as this is an area of focus for the new airport- to be extremely well connected whether it is through train lines, new roads or improved services such as Uber. Panel discussions will cover “Delivering air connectivity across Mexico and LATAM” and “Ensuring maximum connectivity within Mexico through new projects”. A case study of Panama Airport will be discussed.

Outlook on government policy and regulations in the airport sector will be addressed within the conference. Sessions covering this topic will include a presentation on “Mexican government policy and regulation in the airport and aviation sectors” and a panel discussion on “Latin America policy and its impact on aerospace and airports across the region”.

Creating green airports is another key topic that will be reviewed during the event. The impact on the new airport sustainability is a regional plan not just focusing on the immediate surrounding areas. This is an important element and sessions will be looking at “Ensuring sustainable and economic design and construction in new projects”.

Airport safety and security is a key theme for airports globally and will be a crucial topic within the conference. Investment mechanisms and resources needed in security amongst other key topics, including enhancing technology and IT will be discussed. Drone security will also be covered within this topic. Panel discussions will include “Advancing airport security and improving safety standards” and “Addressing potential threats whilst ensuring passenger satisfaction and legal compliance”.

The final key theme identified for discussion during the event was friendly airports. Airports need to be friendly and focus on the end user experience. This could be through technology, facilities, signage or managing passenger capacity and case studies will address these elements which can be improved to enhance the passenger experience. Two panel discussions include “All aspects of the passenger journey to create a friendly airport” and “The increasing use of technology to enhance the passenger experience”. A case study of Changi Airport will be used as an example of excellent customer focus within an airport.

Each of these topics will be addressed further at the conference through case studies, presentations and panel discussions. Regional and international experts will be invited to share their experience and knowledge and discuss challenges and opportunities in each area.