In 2015 Heathrow Airport engaged sensor manufacturer dorsaVi to conduct a ViSafe Comparison Assessment on the musculoskeletal impact of using manual handling aids for the transfer of airport baggage versus the impact of transferring baggage without the use of aids. The results of this study led to a significant increase – from 20 percent use to 80 percent use – in compliance with manual handling aids among baggage handlers.

Heathrow Airport now plans to make a large terminal-wide investment in new manual handling aids. They have short-listed two products they would like to compare and will be using ViSafe Assessments to provide the evidence and data on which they will base their decision.


Phase one commences in January 2017 and will see dorsaVi deliver ViSafe Comparison Assessments to compare the safety profile of two alternative manual handling aids to assist baggage handlers. These assessments will provide comparative data on the two solutions with respect to musculoskeletal risk, productivity, and ease of use.

In phase two dorsaVi will use the objective data to help optimize manual handling practices and will leverage this data in an interactive training application and an internal communications campaign to affect behavior change.

Heathrow airport annunced that it has special traveller guests, the Teddy Bears. Following the successful Christmas film which celebrates the gift of coming home, Doris and Edward Bair arrived at Heathrow  on the 20th of December 2016 to be greeted by their family, during the airport’s biggest week for emotional Christmas reunions.

In phase three myViSafe will be used through the baggage handling area to monitor and promote safe practice.

“Heathrow Airport has shown great vision and will be taking the health and safety initiatives within the baggage handling community to a new level by using ViSafe in an integrated way over the coming 12 months. This contract and ongoing relationship validates that we are able to deliver data that is valuable and they can’t get elsewhere,” said Zoe Whyatt, head of sales and operations, dorsaVi Europe.