The authority of the airport in Radom has reasons to be satisfied – in 2016 the amount of passengers serviced increased 1226 % compared to 2015. The key of such an impressive jump in numbers are the newly launched connections to Lviv in Ukraine and Wroclaw in Poland.

By April10th, Polish carrier SprintAir launched four new connections. 33-seat aircraft were carrying passengers to Berlin, Prague, Gdansk and Wroclaw.

A new connection with Lviv was launched in June. As a result, in July Radom‘s airport hit new record, carrying 1513 passengers. Destinations to Lviv and Gdansk remained the most popular throughout 2016. The airport was also receiving big amount of passengers of private jets. By the end of December, the amount of passengers was 9713, 1226 % more than in 2015. It confirmed the fact Radom‘s airport is not anymore the smallest airport of Poland.

New investments and expansion are planned in the nearest future. Israel‘s IHLS is interested in purchasing Radom Airport’s shares. The airport expansion will cost about 100 million Polish zloty ($23 million).