A political decision regarding the construction of a new airport will be taken in 2017, Polish Minister of Infrastructure and Architecture Andrzej Adamczyk said. The Ministry of Development is currently looking for investors.

The location of a new central port would be somewhere between Lodz and Warsaw. The airport would serve about 50 million passengers annually and would become one the main transfer airports in Europe.

The minister noted the importance of economic feasibility research which should be done. Adamczyk recognized the fact that the airport of Frederic Chopin will soon reach its limits, highlighting the existing necessity of a new airport.

The iniciator of the idea is Polish  flagship airline LOT. The chairman of LOT Rafał Milczarski few times stressed a fact of limited capacity of Chopin‘s airport in Warsaw which would have negative impact on development of the national carrier. In 2016, the airport of the capital served more than 12 million passengers.