Dubai International Airport (DXB) reported that its passenger traffic experienced an increase of 9.4% in November 2016 year over year. The airport welcomed a total of 6,581,805 passengers in November compared to 6,013,911 passengers during the same month in 2015.

The year to date (YTD) traffic in November totaled 75,947,899 passengers, up by 7% YoY.

DXB reported that India (YTD 958,763 passengers) was the top destination country in terms of total passenger numbers recorded in November, followed by Saudi Arabia (469,483 passengers), the UK (465,385), and Pakistan (308,071).

The top regions in terms of percentage growth were Eastern Europe (26.5%) and Asia (17.3%) followed closely by the GCC (17%), while London (286,986), Doha (235,910), Mumbai (202,041) and Riyadh (151,791) were the top destination cities with the highest growth during the month.

Aircraft movements in November 2016 totaled 34,692, up by 2.7% YoY. The year to date aircraft movements totaled 382,155, a growth of 2.9% YoY. The average number of passengers per flight during the month was 200 up from 188 YoY.

Dubai is searching for innovative ways to intercept drones after continuous intrusions in the airspace of its airports.

Dubai International handled 234,743 tons of cargo during November, a growth of 7.5% YoY. The year to date freight volumes reached 2,362,332, an increase of 3.3% YoY.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports said: “We are very pleased with the overall growth at DXB in general and passenger traffic in particular, with average monthly traffic nearing 7 million passengers this year. Considering the seasonal rush of travellers we experienced at DXB during the holiday season in December, we are all set to achieve impressive annual growth yet again.”