A new whitepaper from Farnborough-based aviation recruitment specialists AeroProfessional claims 40% of companies in the industry are struggling to hire staff with the desired technical know-how, emphasizing the need for a recruitment strategy geared towards the digital age.

According to the whitepaper, entitled ‘Aviation’s technological transformation: Why your recruitment strategy needs an urgent refit,’ many candidates for roles which are driving the industry forward – such as web developers and data analysts – are coming from roles outside aviation, meaning traditional recruiting techniques may not be successful.

Furthermore, another differentiating characteristic of technical candidates is that they’re likely to be millennials. AeroProfessional’s report suggests that unlike previous generations, millennials place importance on the less tangible factors offered by employers, such as opportunities for progression, brand reputation and flexible working arrangements.

AeroProfessional’s whitepaper provides an insight into how companies can review their brand and take steps to make sure they’re attracting technically literate, millennial candidates by checking recruitment resources are optimised for mobile devices, to advertising on social media, for example.

Sam Sprules, Director of AeroProfessional, comments, “There are many challenges affecting the aviation industry, but without the right staff companies won’t be able to address them.

“Just like the industry itself, aviation recruitment must stay at the cutting-edge in terms of both technique and technology,” Sprules continued. „We believe that establishing great relationships with candidates increases the calibre of our clients’ eventual employees, and our resources – both human and technological – ensure they stay engaged throughout the recruitment process.”