In 2018, Aeroflot plans to implement only flat rates on its daughter company Rossiya, said the head of Aeroflot Vitaly Saveliev during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"Flat rates are very popular. We fly to five cities in the Far East, to Kaliningrad and Simferopol. Russians really like it. We have transported 1.5 million passengers this year at flat rates and 4.5 million passengers in total from 2015," the Kremlin press service quotes Saveliev as saying at his meeting with the President.

"Given that people are sad that flat rates run out quickly, we want to come up with a proposal, if you support it, that Rossiya becomes an all-flat-rate airline next year. This translates to an approximate 75% increase in seats, we will put out 900,000 seats on the market," Saveliev said.

At the same time, Saveliev said that "Russia can start flying to the Far East at the rate of 22 thousand rubles ($383) back and forth, and Aeroflot will raise fares on this direction from 22 thousand rubles ($383) to 25 thousand rubles ($436) back and forth.

"Aeroflot's Kaliningrad and Simferopol rates will remain without an increase accounting for inflation. If such an offer is interesting, we are ready to consider this, and we will solve this by subsidizing the airline," said the head of Aeroflot.

Flat rates translate to fixed prices for air tickets regardless of the date of purchase or the season.