LOT, Polish carrier, made an emergency landing at Warsaw Chopin airport on January 10, 2017. After wheel collapsing of Q400 turboprop, the aircraft landed on its belly. The 63 people onboard avoided injuries.

The preliminary reason for the accident appears to be a chassis failure on Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Reportedly, a nose gear collapse caused the aircraft to hit the runway.

Warsaw Chopin airport confirmed the news and informed that passenger injuries were avoided. “All passengers of the LO 3924 flight on LOT’s Bombardier Q400 board (SP-EQG) that landed with an emergency landing at 19:19 at Warsaw Chopin Airport are safe and were taken care of immediately”, a statement by the airport informed. “The cause of the incident will be put through a detailed investigation”.

A relative of a passenger, who is thought to have been onboard, released a photo of the incident on social media with the caption reading: “#LO3924 KRK-WAW crash landed in WAW due to landing gear failure!”