In 2017, Air Berlin (AB1) , Germany’s second-largest air carrier faced its death, but that does not mean its memory cannot live on.  The auction started on January 15, 2018, gives everyone a chance to get at least a small piece of the airline’s history, including things like cabin seats or the famous red heart-shaped chocolates with AirBerlin logo. Dechow, German auction house, is giving a chance to bid on the airline’s merchandise until February 1, 2018.

The items of the decommissioned Air Berlin (AB1) are being sold apart. According to Dechow, 32,000 potential bidders have already indicated interest in the auction. From the “kinder sets” to the turbine components, everything goes under the hammer. Trolleys were especially popular among the bidders, starting at 90 euros bid and by the Monday evening finishing with over 1000 euros bids. Even small things like Air Berlin’s (AB1) red cups got their 15 minutes of fame with bids over 100 euros. Cheap souvenirs such as bright red jute bags, toys, dishes or blankets souvenirs can be grabbed as well. Vehicles are also on offer: four Smarts, two VW Golf and three VW Caddy. Towards the end of the auction, tools, and turbine parts are also being sold to industrial companies.

Air Berlin (AB1) filed for bankruptcy in August 2017 and finally stopped operations at the end of October. German carrier had been struggling for around a decade and faced many financial losses, but thanks to main shareholder and part-owner Etihad, Air Berlin (AB1) had a chance to stick around for quite a while. Over nine years, Air Berlin (AB1) lost around 781 million euros. When Etihad’s former CEO James Hogan was replaced by the new chief executive Peter Baumgartner, Abu Dhabi’s patience finally reached its limit and eventually led to Air Berlin’s (AB1) bankruptcy.