The Ukrainian plane manufacturer has recently been struck by a hacker attack, the company said in an official statement.

On January 17, hackers allegedly defaced the company’s homepage adding an “open letter“ to the government with critique of the prime-minister. The letter stated that “the Ukrainian government with its prime minister is not only not helping proper assistance, but by all means hinders the work of the national aerospace manufacturer”.

On January 18, Antonov published a statement calling the letter an act of malice.

“Antonov sees this as a provocation,” the statement says. “The so-called open letter was not written or published by our executives. We see it as an attempt to stain the reputation of the company and the country”.

This is not the first that Antonov has fallen prey to hackers. Back in June Antonov was affected by a piece of malware called Petya. More enterprises in Ukraine were attacked, including the National Bank. The virus did spread globally, but 80% of affected computers had been in Ukraine.