On January 22, 2018 ATR announced their commercial results for 2017, revealing 113 aircraft orders along with 40 options. Compared to 36 orders in 2016, ATR made a significant bounce-back. The turboprop manufacturer delivered 80 aircraft of which were 70 ATR 72-600s and 8 ATR 42-600s in addition to 2 second-hand ATRs.

The company also stabilized its annual turnover at $ 1.8 billon, announcing the best performing financial results of its over-35-years history. ATR turboprops took a leadership in all the sales of regional aircraft below 90 seats.

In 2017, the manufacturer sold aircraft in every region of the world and invested substantially in growing markets. IndiGo, an Indian based low-cost carrier was the biggest ATR customer with 50 ordered ATR 72-600s. The second biggest client was U.S. express package carrier, FedEx with 30 orders for a new freighter model-ATR 72-600F.

In 2017, Bombardier, the main ATR competitor signed $1.7 billion contract with Indian SpiceJet airline for up to 50 aircraft. Meanwhile Embraer, Brazilian based aircraft manufacturer, is continuing to study on eventual return on turboprop market after a 20 year break.

ATR was founded in 1981 as Franco-Italian joint venture headquartered in Blagnac, France, and is the world leader on the market for below-90-seat regional aircraft. To-date, ATR has sold nearly 1,700 aircraft and equipped the fleets of 200 airlines in 100 countries.