The U.S. State Department said on January 28, 2018, that Qatar is likely to agree to disclose more detail financial information of Qatar Airways. The state-owned Gulf airline is accused by U.S. carriers of allegedly receiving subsidies from the state of Qatar.

According to Reuters, there are two tasks foreseen within the first two years. Within the first year, Qatar Airways is expected to provide its audited financial reports. Within two years, the airline is expected to release information on new major transactions with Qatar’s state-owned companies.

Bloomberg  adds that Qatar Airways is also believed to not have intentions to conduct “fifth freedom” flights to the U.S., meaning that the carrier is presumably planning to have only direct routes from Qatar to the U.S. without stops at third countries.

The Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, coalition composed of Delta, United and American Airlines (A1G) (AAL) , among other aviation bodies, claim they have uncovered a financial statement for Qatar Airways that indicates that the government of Qatar provided more than $7 billion to the carrier fiscal 2014-15, and authorized a further $3.7 billion in subsidies. This subsidy is allegedly in addition to the $17 billion Qatar Airways received from its state owner in the past decade, bringing the total amount of known subsidies and other benefits that the three Gulf carriers have received to nearly $50 billion.