With bookies’ odds of LiAngelo and LaMelo Balls starting their pro careers in Lithuania dropping day by day, international flight compensation platform SKYCOP has took the matter in their own hands. The company has already arranged business class flight tickets for the brothers and will continue taking care of the infamous players throughout their stay in Prienai.

Over 20 hours and 6000 miles – a distance that separates 16 and 18-year olds from their first steps in professional basketball playing for the Prienai-Birstonas Vytautas club in a small Eastern European town of Prienai. The flight from LA to capital Vilnius is a long journey that is in risk of holiday period delays, thus, flight rights protection company SKYCOP will take care of the players.

However, as Marius Stonkus, the CEO of the company explains, support for the Balls won’t stop there. “Business class tickets with all priority passes is only the very first step in our plan to make sure that these young talents are getting the attention and care they deserve. Despite their young age, these boys will have to withstand a huge pressure and continue fighting for their opportunities with pro players. We truly understand what they are going through – fighting against multi-billion dollar airlines for passenger rights require some serious guts. It is why we will continue supporting LiAngelo and LaMelo throughout their stay.”

The Ball brothers should arrive to Lithuania no later than 4th of January.