In a world where everything is going airborne, it only makes sense to take that technology to the power line inspection industry. The vast majority of power line inspections are still being done by foot, which provides a time-consuming, costly, and limited view of power lines. Mantas Vaskela, the CEO for Laserpas, a company that provides solutions for aerial power line inspections, will be discussing solutions to crucial issues at Commercial UAV Expo Europe, the leading pan-European trade show and conference for the commercial drone market, on April 12th in Amsterdam.

At the conference, Mantas will be presenting a case study from Laserpas on an inspection performed Romania. He will discuss how Laserpas utilized technology such as LiDAR services alongside nadir, oblique, and thermal cameras, to perform airborne electrical scannings to determine emergent and dangerous points along the power line, along with some very important counterintuitive discoveries regarding which power lines are in need of regular inspection. He will also address how Laserpas was able to assist the Romanian power line operator to vastly reduce both the costs and time needed to check more than 55 kilometers of power lines.

This expo is Commercial UAV Expo’s second event in Europe. The first expo in Europe took place last year in Brussels after a very successful launch in the United States in 2015. Brussel’s Expo, last year, hosted over 500 attendees from 46 countries, with experts involved in capturing, processing, and utilizing remotely sensed UAS data along with professionals in various industries including process, power, and utilities.

Laserpas is an aerial inspection service for power grids. With LiDAR services alongside of nadir, oblique, and thermal cameras, Laserpas performs airborne electrical scannings that can provide clients with unparalleled data regarding the conditions of power lines and corridor spans. Laserpas has received international recognition for innovation due to the internet platform in which they conveniently deliver data to clients.