The flight FZ301 from Dubai International Airport (DXB) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Hamid Karzai International Airport (KBL) in Kabul, Afghanistan, was re-routed to back to Dubai mid-flight due to a “disruptive” passenger. The first reports were suspecting  hijacking attempt. Flydubai denies this rumor.

A Boeing 737 departed from Dubai at 4:29 local time and was bound to land in Kabul at 7:49 local time. However, 41 minutes into the flight, as it was flying over Iran, the plane issued an emergency alert and returned back to Dubai airport.

The first to report the incident was Iranian Azad News Agency. According to them, a man attempted to enter the cockpit using a knife, in an attempt to hijack the plane. The flight crew successfully dealt with the passenger, as they managed to disarm him and lock him in a toilet. The plane then returned to Dubai to deliver the hijacker to the authorities, before resuming the flight.

However, Flydubai denied any attempt at hijacking took place. The airline reported to the press that indeed FZ301 had to return to Dubai, but that it only “was the result of an unruly passenger’s behavior”. They added that first reports of a hijacking by Iranian press and social media were “false” and that an investigation was ongoing. The company’s statement was confirmed by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority.