The Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC) confirms the recovery of two intact black boxes from Boeing 737-200 (XA-UHZ) that crashed in Cuba in May 2018, A21 reports based on Cuban Television Information System information.

The information registered in the Technical Parameters Box was recovered at 100%, while the audio recovered between 90 and 95%, said the Cuban authority.

The television channel also quotes Armando Daniel López, IACC president, saying that the two black boxes could offer insight about what happened on the flight, and that intense work is being done to accurately determine causes of the accident.

"Now we move on to a phase of the investigation in which we analyze, second by second, minute by minute, every detail of the flight to determine exactly if it was a human error or a technical fault that generated the fatal plane crash on May 18, " said Espinosa.

The analysis of the black boxes contents has been carried out both in Havana and in laboratories in the United States. It could take up to a year before a final accident report is issued.

Meanwhile, in a video published by the pro-government newspaper Granma, López mentioned difficulties of understanding the Mexican crew conversations.

"It was a Mexican crew. [They speak] Spanish, but it is a Spanish different from ours. Americans understood it, but even less than us. At times, we had to listen a phrase or a word for days and hours and we even organized surveys among specialist group [members] about what he [the crew] said," he said.

On May 18, 2018, a Boeing 737 plane crashed shortly after take-off at José Martí International Airport (HAV), Havana (Cuba). The aircraft, owned by Mexican company Global Air, carried over 113 people on board – 112 of them died.

As of December 2017, at least 11 shortcomings of aircraft maintenance and one of civil aviation security of Global Air were known to Mexico’s General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC).