During his participation at Air Convention 2018, Ashkat G. Torshin, Permanent representative for Russia & CIS at Lufthansa Consulting, talked to Rūta Burbaitė from AeroTime about the latest trends in the long-haul low-cost airline model, explaining the specifics of the region and the potential of such service development in the Russian aviation market.

There is no long-haul low-cost airline in Russia yet: so could this unexplored market niche provide growth opportunities? According to Mr. Torshin, the main issue for developing markets, such as Russia and the CIS, is whether the market is ready for long-haul low-cost services.

The booming long-haul LCC business around the world could be a natural growth point for existing carriers in the region, but also a threat to traditional airlines operating on long-haul routes, says the expert.

International experience shows there is a wider flexibility for an airline group to develop a long-haul budget carrier (such as Lufthansa (LHAB) (LHA) and Germanwings, Air Canada (ADH2) and Air Canada Rouge), but can it be applicable to the Russian market? For more insight, watch the exclusive interview below.


Interview with Askhat G. Torshin, Permanent Representative Russia/CIS for Lufthansa Consulting at Air Convention, 2018.

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