On December 7, 2018, Garuda Indonesia launched what it calls “Vintage flight experience”, taking their passengers not only from point A to B, but also down the nostalgia lane.

Take a look at the perks on board Garuda’s vintage flights and scroll down to see what the airline was actually flying in the 70s.

The inaugural 70s themed flight proved to be a success, the airline claims, as tickets are sold out 100%. The flights are being carried out in December 2018 on two domestic routes (Surabaya and Balikpapan) and one international - to Singapore.

Just in case you were wondering, here is how Garuda’s crew look nowadays:

What Garuda was actually flying in the 70s

For the nostalgic flights the airline is using a Boeing 737-800NG painted in special livery. In reality, Boeing aircraft reached Garuda’s fleet at the very end of the decade, with the first Boeing 747-200 arriving in 1980.

In the 70s the Indonesian carrier was known for Fokker F28 planes. With 62 of them in fleet, Garuda was the largest operator of the type in the world. At the time Garuda was also fond of McDonnell Douglas DCs. Having taken first McDonnell Douglas DC-9s at the beginning of the decade, it introduced the  McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in 1976.

Image by Eduard Marmet

In 1958, Qantas began employing Japanese flight hostesses to work on the “Cherry Blossom” route to Japan. Qantas’s Marj de Tracy had flown to Japan to select, from 150 applicants, Yoshiko Watanabe, Teruko Oshima and Kazuko Otsu. Publicity photos of the new recruits, all in their early twenties, showed them arriving in Sydney wearing full kimonos, similar to the ones they would wear on the flights to Tokyo.