Top 10 Facts About Donald Trump’s Boeing

When asked what they miss most about the presidency, former presidents often say Air Force One. But CBS News reports that, for Donald Trump, the transition from one wide-body plane to a wider-bodied plane might be considered a downgrade.

The President-elect bought the Boeing 757, registered N757AF, in 2011 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and gave it a Trump-style makeover. Trump likes to call it the "T-Bird," according to a Discovery Channel documentary featuring the plane.

After he is sworn, Trump will be upgraded to a more presidential accommodation for his aviation needs. But this doesn’t come without push-back from the incoming president. During his campaign, Trump boasted that he would replace Air Force One with his own private jet. “It’s bigger than Air Force One, which is a step down from this in every way,” he told Rolling Stone.

However, after he won the election, officials said that it would be “nearly functionally impossible” for President Trump to swap out Air Force One with his own aircraft. Air Force One is equipped with special security features to protect the president while in flight.

Have a closer look at Donald Trump's Boeing 757-200 jet. presents Top 10 Facts about Donald Trump’s private jet:

1. Donald Trump’s private Boeing 757 is the 8th of the most expensive planes in the world. Its price seeks about $100 million. It may sound like a lot of money, but aviation firm C.E.O. Greg Raiff indicates otherwise. The Times quotes him for a bit of context: “Buying a 25-year-old 757 is like buying a bag of Cheetos. It’s a lot of food for a low price,” he said. 

trump plane 757

2. Boeing 757 has one of the best offers to pilots – glass cockpit. A glass cockpit is often thought as an aircraft cockpit equipped with large computerized screens which display flight information. It includes feedback loops and the ability for self – checking to alert the pilot about problems before they become emergencies. Glass cockpits will become standard for aircraft in the future.

donald trump plane 757

3. Donald Trump’s Boeing is one of the fastest airplanes in the world. It can achieve more than 500 miles per hour speed. The Boeing 757 is powered by a pair of Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines to fly for 16 hours and can go more than 500 miles per hour.

4. Unlike the usual capacity of  180 to 200 people, Donald’s plane is refurbished to fly 43 people only.

trump plane interior

5. Donald Trump’s private jet has a lot of features. It includes bedroom, dining room and private guest room. Also, there is a bath with 24 – karat gold fixtures! It is important to mention that this Boeing 757 has entertainment system inside – installed video room with cinema system. So, all of the passengers can enjoy a comfortable flight.

trump plane interior

6. Flight with this private jet is not cheap. Unfortunately, one hour flight costs about $10,800, including fuel. Trump can let himself spend $506,000 on private travels in the second quarter because of his large self - sponsored campaign.

 trump plane interior

7. Donald Trump’s private jet gives him an opportunity to travel nicely, quickly and on time. The picture shows all of the presidential election campaign-related flights Trump had from April 8 to August 29.

trump boing 757

8. The 757 is much older than most personal Boeings still in use today, having been built in 1991 and used throughout the ’90s by a commercial airline in Mexico. Mr. Trump said he liked older planes because they had been “tested” and had “been around.”

trump plane boing 757

9. Unfortunately, Trump’s private jet is not as tall, long and wide as Air Force One’s Boeing. Air Force One is a larger aircraft, seating 70 passengers in comfort compared to Trump Force One’s 43. The presidential jet is also slightly faster with a range of about 6,800 nautical miles compared to 4,100 for a 757. A VC-25A can also be refueled in mid-air by a tanker, extending its range even further.

trump boing 757

10. Donald Trump enjoys putting his name on things. The many properties owned by the real estate mogul bear the Trump seal of approval, and so it’s only keeping with the tradition that the two airplanes and the three helicopters owned by Trump have all been emblazoned with his last name.

Ironically, TAESA, a Mexican low-cost carrier used the same 757, registered N757AF. The airline used it for a brief period from July of 1994 till March 1995.