Brand New Lion Air Boeing 737-8 MAX: New Victims, Crash Reasons Revealed By Black Box

After the recent Lion Air accident, there were lots of questions raised. The main one is why a brand new Boeing 737-8 MAX would crash just after it successfully took off from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

A Lion Air Boeing 737 plane, carrying 189 people on board, has reportedly crashed into the sea just 13 minutes after taking off. The ground control had lost the contact with the plane. It is believed that it was the time the plane crashed into the sea.

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Lion Air Crash Remains Lion Air Crash Remains  

Most recently, the black box of the month-old plane was found. The investigators have began the process of retrieving the data. However, the search of the second black box and the remains of the body of the plane is still ongoing. Unfortunately, during one of the search operations, an Indonesian diver died in efforts to find more details about the accident.

While the main reason for the malfunction remains a secret to us all, some details have emerged already. Apparently, there have already been problems with the previous flight of the Boeing 737-8 MAX. According to the technical log, during the JT43 flight from Denpasar (DPS) to Jakarta (CGK), some technical problems have emerged. According to the log: “Identified that CAPT instrument was unreliable and handover control to FO. Continue NNC of Airspeed Unreliable and ALT disagree,” which means that the control had to be given to the first officer due to lost power of the captain’s instrument. However, the plane only had trouble while climbing to cruise altitude, causing some turbulence. After that, the flight remained smooth.

According to Chief Executive of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, before the fatal flight, the engineers have reportedly fixed the issue and have given the permission to fly.

The Boeing 737-8 MAX was manufactured in 2018 and delivered to Lion Air on lease from Chinese CMIG Aviation Capital. In August, it started operating and had flown less than 800 hours. Moreover, the accident was the first one for the Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft family, considering it was introduced to the industry just a year ago.

The investigation of the Lion Air flight is still ongoing and the officials are putting more efforts to reveal the main reason for the accident.