The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Aviation

If you are interested in a career in aviation, then it’s important to keep in mind that there is much more to this industry than piloting or becoming an aircraft mechanic. Listed here are the 5 highest paying jobs in the field.


  1. Pilot, Co-pilot

Pilots and co-pilots can work in all types of flying jobs. Anything from crop-dusting to flying for a major airline. Most pilots tend to find flying rewarding and don’t care what they fly if the pay is right. Working for a large, popular airline in most cases will garner the greatest pay.


  1. Air Traffic Controller

While you’ll only need an associate’s degree to earn this higher-than-average salary as an air traffic controller, bear in mind that this is also one of the most stressful jobs in the aviation industry. You’ll be responsible for tracking hundreds of flights and you’ll need tons of focus to communicate effectively with pilots, copilots, and other air traffic controllers.


  1. Aircraft Mechanic

An aircraft mechanic has a variety of specialties available to choose from. They may complete an apprenticeship and/or formal training for the desired area of expertise. Many aircraft mechanics provide a wide variety of skills and may work for the military, small local companies or large airlines.


  1. Airplane Inspector

aircraft mechanics highest paying jobs in aviation
Airplane Inspector.

Airplane mechanics with some experience in the field and a positive track record can move into the role of inspector. Airplane inspectors enjoy greater job security because the work they do is, and likely always will be, required by the FAA. Airlines must have them around to regularly inspect the planes after any maintenance, repairs or overhauls.


  1. Sky Marshal or Air Marshal

These are employed by the federal government to guard against any attacks on the crew, plane or passengers. Therefore, they are trained in handgun accuracy, terrorist behavior recognition and learn "aircraft specific tactics and close quarters self-defense measures.