16 Celebrities You Never Knew Are Pilots

When we are young, we dream about various career perspectives. Aviation is one of them. But what makes it great, is that everyone can become a pilot and start the career in this field. It does not matter if you are a female or a male, a celebrity or not, everyone must go through the same process and face the challenges.

Here are the 16 celebrities who are also pilots.

Angelina Jolie

The actress was inspired by watching airplanes at the airport with her son.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Angelina did not renew her certificate that was already out of date and she was photographed flying her own Cirrus SR22 by that time. After that, she was not allowed to fly her aircraft.


Dierks Bentley

The musician has a private pilot license and owns a Cirrus SR22 plane. Also, in 2015 he graduated from a private pilot school in Nashville where he received a multi-engine rating.


Tim McGraw

The singer has Cirrus SR22 with "Faith" written on the aircraft window. He expressed his aspiration for aviation: "For me, I love being up in the air, not having to think about records, not having to think about movies, not having to think about who I didn't call today, any of those things."


Harrison Ford

The actor was 52 when he started flying. He had worked with the Aircraft Owner's and Pilot's Association and now he is volunteering as a rescue pilot.

H. Ford is known for getting out of the crashes unharmed. His helicopter and vintage WWII Ryan PT-22 Recruit were both crashed by him. Another aircraft Ford owns are Citation and Waco biplane.


Clint Eastwood

Actor responds about flying as the freedom. He says: "You're just a number in the sky. Everybody pretty well leaves you alone."


Kurt Russell

He thought a lot before he decided to start flying. And it took a lot of time to learn the craft. He says that: "The love of airplane for pilots, I think, is almost inexplicable. It's the experience itself. It's the fact that you can't explain it, I think, that makes you feel the way you do about it. This is something that can change your life."


John Travolta

He is the most famous pilot who is also a celebrity. J. Travolta started flying when he was 22. Now he has a type-rating for various aircraft. Also, owning Quantas Boeing 707, Challenger 601 and more. 


Morgan Freeman

The actor was a mechanic in the Air Force. But he always dreamed about flying. At the age of 65, he achieved this goal and now owns several aircraft. Also, he is the voice in AOPA media and EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh.


Tom Cruise

When he was a child, he carried a photo of P-51 and in 1994 he obtained his pilot certificate. In "Mission: Impossible" he flies the helicopter by himself.


Dr. Phil McGraw

The public figure, known as Dr. Phil is not only a show presenter but also a pilot. He has a private pilot license and instrument rating.

Phil McGraw Attending DailyMail's After Party For 2016 People's Choice Awards At Club Nokia On January 06, 2016. Photo Credit: Faye Sadou . --- Image by © Faye Sadou/Retna Ltd/Retna Ltd./Corbis Phil McGraw

Dennis Quaid

The actor was inspired by the movie "The Right Stuff" and in 1980's he became a pilot. He owns Beechcraft Bonanza, Cessna 421 and Citation II.

Dennis Quaid poses at a screening of Crackle's first original scripted drama from Sony's streaming network "The Art of More" at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California, October 29, 2015. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok Dennis Quaid

Gisele Bundchen

Many supermodels have hidden talents. G. Bundchen started flying in 2009 and became a pilot. Her aspiration to aviation might become her new career one day.

Gisele Bundchen Gisele Bundchen

Jimmy Buffet

When he was 29 he received his private pilot license. In the website of J. Buffet, it is written that he has both single-engine and multi-engine ratings.

What is more interesting, there is a departure procedure named after him. Its name is BUFIT ONE Departure.

BUFIT ONE Departure. http://www.buffettworld.com/images/news_bufitone.jpg BUFIT ONE Departure

Kris Kristofferson

In the 60's he was an Army helicopter pilot and later worked as a commercial pilot at Petroleum Helicopters International (PHI). Later he decided that music career path was more for him and he left his pilot career.

Kris Kristofferson Kris Kristofferson

Phil Mickelson

Golf player flies in style. He comes to tournaments with his Gulfstream V and flies it by himself.

Phil Mickelson Phil Mickelson

Hilary Swank

The actress was inspired by playing one of the most famous pilot women Amelia Earhart. She started flying while filming the movie. It is not known if she got her license but she has already piloted a plane to help her friend overcome the fear of flying.

Hilary Swank Hilary Swank