Aircraft Engineer Career Guide

­­­­­­­­­­­­­The Aircraft Engineer is also known as an Aircraft Technician at times. While engineer is the commonly used term in UK, technician means the same thing within the aviation industry. Aircraft Maintenance offers many fantastic career paths if you prefer the idea of a hands-on role which requires practically-minded people and the opportunity to work up close or on aircraft. has lots of new offers for Aircraft Engineers every day. You can always filter all of our jobs and choose them by role, by location or by hiring companies. These specialists are in demand worldwide and usually get an attractive salary package which slightly changes in different countries. Keep reading and learn more about this position.

Aircraft Engineer Aircraft Engineer

Position Description

An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for ensuring an aircraft operates properly and safely. A maintenance engineer may make repairs, troubleshoot problems, conduct inspections and make upgrades to aircrafts. Daily duties may include keeping records of and performing scheduled maintenance, making emergency repairs, or preparing for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspections.

Working Conditions

The basic working week is 37 to 40 hours. However engineers often work longer hours as work must be finished on time. Most engineers work shifts that include weekends to cover all flying hours.

Some pre-flight checks take place outdoors in all weather conditions. Other work takes place indoors in hangars or workshops. Work inside an aircraft often takes place in cramped and awkward positions. It can include kneeling and bending. Some work can be at heights. Workshop-based work can be light.

Salary Outlook

The basic aircraft engineer's starting wage dependents on the size of the company, location, experience, and type of craft. There are also increases in salary for longevity, licenses held, line work, or shift work. A lead airline mechanic with an A & P certificate and 10 years experience can expect to make in excess of $73,000 per year or $45.00 per hour in hourly positions.

In general aviation, mechanic's salaries are determined largely by the size of the aircraft serviced. Mechanics without an A & P license make considerably less and usually have more difficulty finding a job. It is anticipated that wages for general aviation mechanics will increase over the next few years. But it will remain lower than the salaries paid by the large airlines.

Paid holidays, vacations, insurance plans, retirement programs, and sick leave are some of the benefits offered by both airline and general aviation employers. Airlines also give their employees free or reduced price transportation to destinations within their route structure and exchange travel privileges with other airlines. General aviation offers more local points of employment.

Aircraft Engineer Aircraft Engineer Career

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Average Salary:

Canada - $41,768.22 per year.

United States - $61,949 per year.

United Arab Emirates - $77,474.67 per year.

United Kingdom - $51,534.73 per year.

Australia - $52,457.02 per year.

Career Opportunities

Airlines and independent companies that specialize in aircraft maintenance are the major employers of aircraft maintenance engineers. Others work for small employers in general aviation, including business aviation, air taxis, the police, air ambulance, surveying, agriculture and pilot training. Flying clubs also employ aircraft engineers. Some engineers work freelance.

Many small organizations only recruit trained engineers. It is usually large employers that offer training schemes, but competition for entry is intense. There is a shortage of trained aircraft maintenance engineers. Holders of licenses are particularly in demand. Especially avionics specialists.

Progression to senior and supervisor positions may be possible, particularly if licensed. Further progression is possible to management positions. Some experienced engineers may seek work with aircraft manufacturers in production fitting or in design and development. Others may apply to the Armed Forces as fitters.

The career as an aircraft engineer might be rewarding and very exciting. Browse aircraft engineers jobs if you are actively in search at the moment!


  • B1 and/or B2 license;
  • Aircraft engineer qualification;
  • Type Rating certificate;
  • Logbook;
  • Good analytical skills;
  • Ability to work in multi-site teams;
  • Ability to work shifts;
  • Knowledge of maintenance safety and general engineering practices.