10 Female Pilots Who Are Breaking Stereotypes

The International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISA) has estimated that just 4,000 of the world's 130,000 pilots, or a mere three per cent, are female pilots. And these women are paving the way for a new tomorrow.

1.Maria Fagerstr

maria fagerström best female pilots in the world

There are plenty of people on Instagram posting pictures of their glamorous lifestyles, exciting travels or impressive yoga poses. One woman, however, is doing all three - and has amassed a huge following as a result. 25-year-old Maria Fagerström from Lund in Sweden is an airline pilot who has 240,000 followers on Instagram.

2.Maria Pettersson

10 Female Pilots Who Are Breaking Stereotypes

A Swedish pilot has gained a massive internet following after posting glamorous selfies from the flight deck and on her world travels. The 32-year-old pilot from Gothenburg in Sweden has more than 235,000 followers on Instagram where she takes photos of her work and yoga hobby. "When I decided I wanted to become a pilot I worked hard to save up for flight training," Pettersson wrote on her website, where she shares information and advice about becoming a pilot.


christa best female pilot in the world

This multi-talented Dutch jet jockey loves "lifting weights, drinking coffee, hiking mountains & taking pictures". With more than 17,000 followers, Christa is ruling social media and her pictures from the deck are jaw-dropping.

4.Eva Claire Marseille

eva claire marseille woman pilot

Pilot Eva Claire Marseille captivates her 72,000 followers on Instagram with stunning photos and videos from the pilot's seat, plus her glamorous vacation snapshots. On her blog, Fly With Eva, she also writes about finding her way to the industry and excelling even when passengers scoff at having a female pilot.

5.Michelle Gooris

michelle gooris famous female pilots

The 25-year-old RyanAir pilot shares her view from the cockpit – and her jetsetting adventures on her days off – on Instagram, where she's known by over 54,000 followers as @dutchpilotgirl. She also writes a travel blog of the same name. Gooris hopes to show people what a pilot's life is really like, and to combat misconceptions about who can be one.


olivia best female pilots

Olivia is a Boeing pilot from Sweden and her Instagram pictures are out of this world. Apart from breaking stereotypes in style, Oilvia posts spectacular travel pictures.


 susanna sundberg women pilots

With 24,400 followers on instagram, Susanna Sundberg is a famous pilot in social medialand. Blonde hair, blue eyes and endless legs of course do help to grow your amount of social followers, but the breathtaking views from the cockpit are definitely a good reason to become fan of her dreamy Instagram account.

8.Lindy Kats

lindy kats ladies pilot

The 24-year-old from Amsterdam, who has been an airline pilot for three years, has shared snaps of her taking in the ancient ruins of Agrigento, Italy, stepping out of a car in Dubai and watching a plane take off overhead.

9.Eser Aksan Erdogan

eser aksan erdogan famous lady pilot

The 31-year-old Instagram sensation has amassed over 59k followers by documenting her travels around the world with her husband, Volkan – who also happens to be a pilot. While they don't work together, Eser and Volkan do travel the world together, and often take each other on their work layovers. They've visited places like Costa Rica and Jordan, taking incredible photos of their adventures as they go.

10.Allison Leeward

allison leeward best female pilots

Allison Leeward’s account is filled with cool airplane pictures! She enjoys writing and plans to become a public relations representative for an aerospace company when she graduates.