Why Make a Career in Cabin Crew?

The idea of flying across the world every other day and getting paid for the same is fascinating enough to opt for cabin crew career.

The fancy jet-way-of-life in this particular field is not all moonlight and roses. Cabin crew, who are also famously known Air Hostess, Flight Stewards or Flight Attendants, put extensive efforts, hard work, dedication and exhibit professionalism to make it to that level.

Apart from the glamour side of cabin crew job, there are many other advantages, and room to manoeuvre in here! You only need to grab opportune moments and make the best out of it!

We are giving you an insight on why you should explore cabin crew career.

1.      International Tours

People usually aim to earn more so that on holidays, they can travel beautiful places across the globe! Cabin crew work is something that gives you best of both worlds! You not only get paid to roam around the world but also get vacations for your personal trips and tours!

Furthermore, ensure that the airline companies you work with provide quality time to your journeys and give you rebates and other facilities in the leisure time to spend on tour.

2.  Meeting New People

Experience is indeed the mother of wisdom, and you learn the essence of this phrase when you meet new people! The exciting stories of different people from across the globe are captivating at times, leaving you with enraptured feel. With every new person you meet and greet, it unfolds a new story that travels with you.

Besides, you learn many other new things about places, people, culture and much more. You never know whom you'll meet on the board! You may even get to see your favourite star someday. Cabin crew is an exciting job for sure!

3. Payments and Rewards

The opportunity to work with an established airline company actually opens the door of handsome remuneration and much more. The basic salary of flight attendants in an international aviation ranges from 40000 to 75000 INR which again, gets increased with experience and skills. On top of that, you get to enjoy a comfortable and affluent life with discounts on hotels or free stays in resorts! You grow in the lap of luxury while working in cabin crew!

4. Professional development

Career as an air hostess shapes your persona in a very professional way! When you meet new people from all around the world, you become confident, with pleasant & friendly personality. With excellent communications skills alongside, you learn to have patience yet get quick to find solutions. You not only develop charming appearance but also get positive attitude and presence of mind.

You get a sense of responsibility which ultimately makes you mature and calm. It does not end here. You become proficient in English and many other national, international languages which help smartly build your personality!

Cabin Crew Career

5. Constant Change

Our usual job gets monotonous after a certain point in time. This is one of the best advantages of cabin crew career that you change is the only thing constant in here! Every day is new for you, with different flights each time! In fact, you do not work with the same staff every time.

With each aviation you take, you work with different colleagues and other people. This helps to avoid people you don't want to work with. Also, you understand the importance of teamwork, and hence there are no internal clashes or disputes in the work frame.

Cabin crew job is all dolled up with hefty pays, attractive travel journeys, and luxurious lifestyle. Owing to the fact, the responsibilities and duties of an air hostess are no easy breezy. Even if we remove the welcoming, serving and other hospitality roles of being a flight attendant, there would still be a lot of stuff required to be done!

Many a time, people misinterpret this job for an easy-work-easy-lifestyle concept. This may be right at times, but not the same case always.

Primary duties in cabin crew include handling crisis situation onboard, assuring the health and safety of the passengers at all time and managing Cabin Systems on the aircraft.

To word it directly, the cabin crew field is a lot more than greeting and serving. Right from duties, responsibilities to degrees and courses required for this job profile, the idea to get into cabin crew job is some serious at the same time, seriously exciting job!

There would be hundreds of other aspirant women to hold this position. Not everyone cracks it and gets the job done! You need to know your potential and make the virtue of necessity to stand out in the competition.

Airline career is surely an attractive one with full of opportunities! Although you need to understand the other side of the coin as well. Think twice before you choose your career as an air hostess. If you have already chosen this path, be firm on your decision and head in the right direction. Fly high on your happy feet!

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