Dramatic Footage Of Crosswind Landing At Birmingham Airport

Flying can be scary sometimes. Especially, when the storm is approaching. This is exactly what happened at Birmingham Airport earlier this week. The dramatic crosswind landing took everyone's attention. Air France Airbus tried to land but instead, it turned sideways and after bumpy fly, aborted the landing and took off.

As said by the authorities: "Strong winds brought by Storm Ali turn a plane attempting to land at Birmingham Airport sideways on its approach, forcing the pilot to abort the landing."

Tom Podolec, an aviation photojournalist and photographer, filmed the landing and said: "Crosswind landing with routine go-around is the way this should have been reported. May have been challenging but not terrifying. The wind did not push the plane sideways. Professional, trained, pilots flew it into the wind, then made pre-planned for the decision to go around. Well done."

crosswind landing Air France Crosswind landing. Air France

Crosswind landing

Flying crosswind is not dangerous but it can be uncomfortable for the passengers. Pilots train to land in high crosswind conditions and use special techniques for this type of landing. When approaching, they bring the plane in sideways to keep the nose lined up with the runway.

This is a technique known as a ‘crab’ landing.

Crosswind landing - Crab Crosswind landing - Crab  

Another technique is called De-crab. Similar to the first one, it gives the impression of approaching the runway flying sideways. The position is sustained by balancing the crosswind component and wings held on the similar level throughout the approach.

Crosswind landing. De-crab Crosswind landing. De-crab  

Viral video

In this video, we can see that the situation was handled smoothly. But the footage looks dramatic. Even though, if the pilots can handle landing like this during the storm and keep the passengers safe, we can trust the airline.

Here is the video: