Top 5 Reasons To Work For Ryanair As A Pilot

Ryanair is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. Started in 1984 and commencing operations in 1995, the airline managed to achieve unmeasured success throughout its history. Ryanair started from 1 aircraft in its fleet to over 400 planes today. From flying 5000 people to over 130 million in 2017, thus the company has steadily cemented its positions in the skies of Europe. And it does not plan to stop there – Ryanair plans to have 600 aircraft carrying 200m costumers by 2024. Ryanair fleet Ryanair fleet

And we think Ryanair is one of the best airlines to work for at the moment. Why? Here are the Top 5 reasons why:

5. Growth

The breathtaking numbers mentioned previously speak for themselves. Ryanair plans to add 200 more aircraft throughout the next 6 years and to almost double its passenger numbers. Those are some serious plans. So being part of it sounds like an excellent opportunity to take your career to the next level as a pilot.

4. Fleet

Ryanair boasts one of the newest fleets compared to other airlines – its Boeing 737-800s average around 5 years and Ryanair plans on adding only new aircraft to its fleet in the next few years.

3. Career Prospects

With a growing number of bases and aircraft numbers yearly, the demand for pilots all around Europe is going to go up even higher. That means if you hop onto the train (or rather plane) now, you open yourself to a path of numerous career options that are going to become available for you. And we do not think any other airline offers such rapid career growth anywhere in the world.

2. Job stability

Usually, airlines offer long periods of work with long periods of rest. For example, you work for a month and then you relax for a month. But the schedule here is different – the roster changes every 5 days, which means that you work for 5 days and then you can relax for 4. That helps you to stay sharp as a pilot, while also being able to relax with your loved ones. The short flying distances and no overnight flights also mean you won’t experience that much jet lag, so you won’t need a few days to re-adjust to a normal sleeping rhythm.

1. Excellent chances for everyone

Ryanair offers a fair opportunity for every pilot. No matter if they are Typed Rated or Non-Type Rated, you are welcome. The airline also offers a chance for Cadets, who still lack the hours and the experience to fly as Captains or First Officers. Here you can get to fly with more experienced and one of the best-trained pilots in the industry. As the company grows, you can also grow from a Cadet to a First Officer and later on, a Captain. If you’re still not sure if it is worth to work at Ryanair, we invite you to come to Pilot Career Show in Brussels and meet them face to face! You can find more information here and register directly here.