EASA License Conversion: Global Advantage

The aviation industry is growing very quickly. According to renowned aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the aviation industry is forecast to need more than a half million new pilots over the next 20 years to meet demand for international travel. Last year Boeing announced that nearly 27,000 newly qualified pilots are required each year until 2033 – a total of 533,000 – to take the controls of the growing fleet of passenger jets. At the same time, planes are getting larger. Bigger planes need more pilot crews, while pilot attrition rates are coinciding with newer fleets, increasing the demand for these jobs.

Although Asia Pacific remains the region with the highest overall demand - 40 percent of the world's required pilots and technicians - there has been a significant increase in the expected number of skilled resources required in other parts of the world, such as North America and Europe markets. Boeing has also estimated that by 2033, there will be a need for 94,000 new commercial airline pilots in the EU alone. This equates to 5,500 pilots a year.



While pilot shortage prevails in most of the continents, some countries have especially large number of unemployed pilots (for example, Brazil, Russia). As a consequence, new qualified pilots decrease in Europe is rising every year. For instance, data obtained from the UK Civil Aviation Authority confirms an overall decline of 31% in total Commercial Pilot Licences issued over the four-year period from 2011 to 2015. From a high of 1555 issued in 2011, this number has dropped to 1072 for 2014. It is quite alarming, considering that airlines are on big recruitment drives. New research shows that the number of new European pilots emerging each year descends to just over 3,000, so this demonstrates a clear shortfall from the 5,500 required.

Meeting the global request can not be solved by one company or in one region of the world. "This is a global issue that can only be solved by all of the parties involved - aircraft manufacturers, airlines,  training equipment manufacturers, training delivery organizations, regulatory agencies and educational institutions all around the world. These industry bodies need to work together to supply enough pilots to fulfil the expected demand", says vice-president of Boeing Flight Services Sherry Carbary.

This problem can also be solved by providing an opportunity for pilots to work in any continent of the world. For instance, Europe has a beneficial pay and working conditions and it gives a preferential hiring to the holders of a EASA License. Pilots from all around the world can work in any of EASA member state by converting their ATPL or CPL license to EASA.

EASA License Conversion: Global Advantage

Once the pilot has the EASA license, he will still have his original license. Converting means using pilot's current experience to reduce the requirements for the EASA License. EASA license helps to increase chances of getting better job offer in Europe. License conversion is a specific work and needs a lot of attention. That's why AviationCV.com can help to find the best and quickest way to convert pilot's current license to EASA. Here is how it works:

After pilot presents required documents to AviationCV.com, the company verifies the documents after receiving them and creates the Individual Training Program for the conversion of the license. After confirmation of the training, the company submits the schedule of the training, assist in accommodation's booking, visas' arrangements and relations with Aviation Authorities in reference to the application process for ATPL (A) license examinations.

Training process consists of these main parts: theoretical part; ATPL examinations in Aviation Authorities; practical part, which takes place in EASA approved simulator centres in Europe; application for the Radio Operator License; application for EASA license to Aviation Authorities. It is important to mention that AviationCV.com can not only help to change current pilot's license to EASA. Company also helps to get visas, permissions to work in Europe and other relevant documents needed to work in any EASA member state. Thus, AviationCV.com provides all the necessary conditions for pilot's employment in Europe.

It is important for AviationCV.com to help pilots to get employed in Europe, so we offer a wide range of career opportunities!

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