202 Passengers Onboard When The Plane In Russia Catches Fire

Being onboard when plane engines suddenly start spitting flames is not the best travel moment. But this is what happened in Russia this week when Tu-204 jumbo jet was forced for the emergency landing.

After reaching the ground some of the passengers refused to continue the journey and demanded to stay. And some boarded the backup aircraft after six hour delay.

The destination was scheduled to reach Sochi, a famous resort also called the Caucasian Riviera in Krasnodar Kray, Russia. But shortly after the takeoff the aircraft was forced to land in Ufa airport.

All passengers were evacuated via emergency slide and as informed, none were injured.

The burning engines

It is still unknown what caused the flames in the engine. Investigators are working to find the reason of the engine flames.

Passengers were filming the landing and burning engines. Later social media was flooded with videos from the accident. But the reactions of the passengers are quite different. Some are calm with intensive laughter and from some of them you can feel the tension.

There were also information shared with videos and pictures of the firefighters who were on a rescue mission as they saved travelers from the hands of the flames.

One of the passengers expressed feelings "Suddenly, I'm not that keen about flying." And probably most of the passengers could agree.

Why is it happening?

None of us know why these accidents happen so often. But it can be anything starting from pilot fault and ending with the weather.

We can see that in 2018 already many accidents happened. Some of them were handled like this one. But others had casualties and much more damage.

Still, after some time the public finds out what happened and what caused the accident. And aviation professionals learn from them and examine in case this would happen again and in that case they would be prepared of preventing it.