A Day In The Life Of A Pilot: Challenges And Benefits

Always dreamed of becoming a pilot? But have you ever thought about the actual challenges pilots face everyday? Here are the representations of what a normal day of a pilot looks like - from waking up as early as 3AM, drinking lots of coffee to travelling the world and getting to meet various people of different nationalities and backgrounds. Take a look!

"Flying Magazine's "A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot" featuring Envoy's very own Pilots, First Officer Jay Herring and First Officer Matt Steward."

Emirates pilots: "Behind every flight is the effort of all our great people. "A Day in The Life" series follows some of our staff through a typical day. In this video, we follow Cathay Pacific Senior First Officer Richard Clausen from his home to take-off."

"A day in the life of this pilot flying a trip from Seattle to Kona Hawaii and things in between. This trip involved a little more than normal commuting on the airlines though."

""Cabin crew, please be seated for take-off…” When you’re gazing out of the window at 35,000 feet, have you ever wondered just how much preparation pilots need to safely guide your plane through the skies? A lot of us are curious about the people who keep us comfortable and safe on adventures around the world. Watch this video and experience a day in the life of a pilot from their "office" at the front of the plane."

"Today I take you guys with me as an International Airline Pilot to China! My first time flying to China so this is a training flight for me for metric airspace. I take you guys through my supplement and workout routine's whilst traveling the world staying at different hotels and the hotel gyms. I talk about diet and fitting in buffet breakfasts! We also explore Zhengzhou city, the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School China and the Dragon Gates. Before flying back to Melbourne, Australia!"