Emirates Is Cutting Flights Due To Pilots Shortage

Emirates is cutting some of their frequent flights due to the shortage of pilots. Even being the leading long-haul airline in the world and recording an increase in income, they are not capable of meeting the demand for the summer period.

Currently a Dubai-based airline is having a very controversial period. A Persian Gulf countries are finally having an upturn. Previously they have been experiencing the tough term of falling oil prices and the effect of D.Trump‘s restrictions imposed early at the beginning of his cadence.

On the other hand, Emirates is being put down to earth due to the reasons directly related to aviation. At the moment, world‘s aviation industry is facing a hard period recruiting enough of pilots and the airline is not an exception.  They lack 100-150 pilots in total which leads to flights cut to US destinations, also some routes to European and Asian cities.

Emirates Is Cutting Flights Due To Pilots Shortage Emirates Is Cutting Flights Due To Pilots Shortage

Emirates reduce the number of flights from Dubai to Bankok, also Dubai-Kuala Lumpur in Asia. There will only remain 5 instead of 6 flights between Dubai and London Heathrow daily and 6 instead of 7 to Oslo per week.

“We’re a tad short in pilots,” says Emirates‘ president Tim Clark. However, he adds that this is expected to be a short-term problem and business should get back to normal after summer period in September or October. Several additional international factors such as rising economy in US and UK,  also increase of wages in Germany are working in favor of Emirates.

However, the airline is not the only one facing challenges.  Emirates is currently working very closely with Etihad Airways based in Abu Dhabi which experienced a fall in their revenues during previous years. However, Mr. Clark says he does not think the merger is possible, at least in a soon future. On the other hand, he outlines “very good flows” between Emirates and its sister company low-cost carrier flydubai.