Take a look at the photos of extraordinary lenticular clouds over the Mount Fuji Mountain in Japan. Some people think that lenticular clouds look like a stack of pancakes, but I think they look more like “saucer clouds.” These clouds are colder an more dense than the surrounding air. If the ambient weather doesn’t change then they just hover without moving. This phenomenon most often appears over extinct volcanoes and mountain peaks. These astonishing photos were taken in Japan, over Mount Fuji mountain.

  Extraordinary Lenticular Clouds in Japan KfVal kumofuji-koichi-shimano-13 Lenticular-clouds-over-the-summit-of-AorakiMount-Cook-the-hightest-mountain-in-New-Zealand mount mt fuji photos koichi shimano tokyo unesco world heritage site 2013 japan CLOUD potd-cloud_3165297k tumblr_mj3us1NpdJ1s3nsxvo1_1280