Why Are Most Of Airplanes Seats Blue?

Different airlines have customized designs inside of their airplanes. But most of them have one thing in common. Have you noticed that the seats are always blue? Undoubtedly, one might think that its because blue symbolizes the sky for us. For the fact, there is a much more rational reason behind.

To begin with, British scientists say that blue color creates an association with security and reliability in our minds. These feelings are exceptionally important when on a plane, it helps people fight aerophobia. The same research implies that even 9 people out of 10, base their decision about the company on its brand’s colors.

However, the choice of color has also more practical reasons than passengers’ psychology. The dirt and food stains are much less visible on the blue seats. That is why a dark blue is an option in order to save money on too often cleaning and changing the upholstery.

Nonetheless, airlines use brighter colors In the designs of first and business class cabins considering that way fewer people can afford to use these services.

Not always airlines were choosing a blue color. In the 1970s and 1980s, some airlines chose red as the color, however, soon they were forced to choose blue as well. Turned out that the red color triggers an aggression for the passengers. And while being up in the air, airlines would do everything to avoid unexpected and unwanted incidents.

As frequent fliers can notice, aircraft seat designs differ by the upholstery material. During the short-haul flights, an artificial leather is used. However, during the long –haul routes, the fabric is chosen. This is mainly done due to the passengers' comfort. Fabric allows travelers skin to breathe what stops from sweating and prevents the discomfort voyagers may face. Why Are Most Of Airplanes Seats Blue? White First Class Seats  Talking about inconveniences, have you ever sit at the “window seat” but saw nothing because the window was almost behind you? This happens because airlines can adjust and install the seats their selves. Therefore, even though aircraft producers usually provide the guidelines for installation, however, airlines rarely follow the advice in order to fit as many passengers as possible to save the costs.