A Porsche Has Towed a 285-tonne Jumbo Jet

A British technician for Porsche GB has set a new world record, towing a giant 285-tonne jumbo jet. Richard Payne claimed the Guinness World Record for the “heaviest aircraft pull by a production car” in his Porsche Caynne S Diesel in Paris.

The Cayenne S Diesel pulled a 285-tonne Air France Airbus A380, breaking the previous “heaviest aircraft pull by a production car” Guinness World Record by 115 tonnes. Blimey. It’s impressive not only because the A380 is over 100 times as heavy as the Cayenne, but because the car in question was standard.

The new Guinness World Records title was set by a 157mph Cayenne S Diesel costing £66,767 whose 4.1litre V8 engine produced 385hp of pulling power – the equivalent of around four Ford Fiestas. The exercise was then repeated using a 176mph Porsche Cayenne Turbo S costing £121,550.

Porsche A Porsche and a 285-tonne jumbo jet.  

The Porsche Cayenne was connected to the Airbus A380 via a special attachment that sat on the vehicle’s standard tow bar. Slowly but surely as Porsche’s Mr Payne pressed down on the accelerator. The Cayenne carefully pulled away with the giant passenger plane edging forward inch by inch behind it and then gradually picking up the pace as both car and aircraft gained in momentum.

Porsche A Porsche and a 285-tonne jumbo jet.  

“We don’t usually go this far to test the limits of our cars but I think today we got pretty close,” Payne said after the event.

“I could tell that it was working hard but the Cayenne didn’t complain and just got on with it. Our cars can go a bit beyond what our customers might expect – they’re designed to be tough.”

“But even so, what the Cayenne did today was remarkable – we drove the car here from London – and I plan to drive it home again, having towed an A380 in between.”