Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Gives Entertaining Safety Check

One legend of a flight attendant has become the unofficial employ of the month for the entire world for his fabulous safety demo at a US airport. The passengers on a recent Southwest flight had a good laugh while putting their tray tables in an upright and locked position as cabin crew member Nicholas Demore put a silly, sultry spin on safety precautions.

As another flight attendant announced the safety procedures (while simultaneously holding back her laughter), Demore gave a flirty demonstration on buckling a seatbelt, danced his way through the explanation of the exit doors, and coyly showed off his bright yellow life vest. With a flourish, he made his way through the plane aisle to the sound of laughs and cheers, his fellow flight attendant chuckling, “Your flight attendants are ... walking the walk and strutting his stuff to make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened.”

The video was captured by flier Samantha Lynch Kintner (among others) who told local station WISTV, “Everyone thought he was hilarious. He was funny throughout the flight.” She added on Facebook, “My flight attendant was awesome.”

Her video, which was shared on Facebook, has now received over 39,000 views. Although Demore’s performance may have distracted slightly from the safety precautions, he and the other crew members still managed to get through all of the required procedures. Southwest, known for its cheeky flight crews, retweeted videos of Demore’s show and, according to Daily Mail, saying in a statement, “We love that he has created such a lighthearted and memorable experience for Southwest Customers!”

And according to a report in The News Tribune, his safety demo antics wasn't the only treat passengers enjoyed on their flight, which was a Dallas to Las Vegas route with a stopover. "When we landed in Las Vegas, he welcomed us to ‘lost wages'," Kintner told journo Drew Perine.

"And when we disembarked, he wished us a happy Easter."

Give that guy a Christmas bonus, or at least a really, really big ham.