Female Pilots: Role Models And Inspiration For Young Girls

Women in the aviation industry are in high demand. More females are choosing their career as a pilot and inspire young girls. Breaking the stereotype that only males can fly aircraft, women are stepping into the industry with head high. They are the role models for young girls.

In Salt Lake City, the US, "Fly like a girl" event took place. Where young girls learned about the pilot job from female industry professionals. They also had a chance to discover how the cockpit looks like from the inside and to try the equipment.

Breaking the stereotype for young girls by introducing them to female pilots is inspiring. Because thinking about science and engineering might scare them and lead to another career choice.

For this reason, JetBlue (JBLU) collaborated with Atlantic Aviation Friday and Utah STEM Action Center and held an event "Fly like a girl" for young females age 8 to 14.

As said by the authorities "often times, girls don't see themselves in these roles". Because there is a lack of information and female pilots, engineers who could be the role models. And informing girls about the industry at a young age might lead them towards this career path. Because having a role model sometimes can make an enormous impact.

Women from JetBlue (JBLU) welcomed more than 100 girls to the event. During the presentations, some girls could not hold their thoughts any longer and even asked when they will start the practice.

The general manager of JetBlue LAX, Paula Minniti, responded that "it takes a lot of pride to know that I'm a minority in this industry" when most of the professionals in aviation field are males. "You have to be strong, assert yourself, and walk away feeling good about the task you accomplished" she added.

During the event, girls were also divided into groups and were introduced to various positions in the industry. But the most memorable moment for all was when they boarded the plane.

Hoping that the given information and experiences gave these young women courage and understanding that this profession is not only for males.