Having Troubles With TSA Airport Security Check? These Tips Will Help

For some passengers the TSA line is the worst spot at the airport. And the place, where everyone always make the same mistakes. But here are some tips that will help getting through the TSA line faster and less stressful.

Taking off the layers.

If you have extra layers such as jacket or a sweater on you, take them off and place them in the TSA bin. But make sure you will also pack all of the accessories before you reach the line.

If you are not sure about the item - just pack it. Try to have as less as possible accessories and layers on you.

Also, make sure you will wear comfortable footwear. Shoes which could be easily taken off and on.

Make sure all your items are easily accessible.

The most important items should be placed where they can be easily reached. Items such as laptops, electronics and liquids in a ziplock.  Also your passport/ID with the boarding pass.

It is beneficial to know, that your laptop can be placed in the bin together with other objects. But only if they will not cover it. So putting your laptop with other items works, but if you place the jacket on the laptop - this will be a mistake.

To point out - tablets and cameras can stay in your luggage. They do not need to be taken out!

Pick the right waiting line.

If you want to escape the TSA line faster, avoid families with strollers, elderly and passengers with shoes full of laces or zippers.

Also, people who are still with their layers on. They will use a lot of time and if you are in a hurry you should pay attention to the passengers in the line and what they wear to choose the fastest one.

Place your items systematically.

These are the main steps how to do it:
  • Take 2 bins
  • Put your shoes, layers and personal items in the first one
  • Laptop and liquids - in a second bin
  • Put your carry on luggage
This will help you to coordinate your stuff and not to lose anything. When the first bin will arrive you will put on your shoes and will take your personal items. The second bin will give you back your laptop and liquids. When your luggage will appear, just put your laptop and liquids in there. You will be fully dressed and with all of your items.

TSA precheck.

There is a possibility to be placed in a separate TSA line. But it only works in the US and if you pass necessary interviews.

Skipping the line.

Do not do that. Telling other people or the security that you are late for your flight and you must skip the line or to be placed in the front is not possible. Just relax and keep going. If you will be late, your name will be called 2-3 times and the plane will not leave without you.