Evacuation In Ryanair Aircraft After Phone Catches Fire Onboard

Traveling is a part of vacation process. Most of the time the worst that can happen is the delayed flight. But sometimes the heat appears to be not the beach and sun heat but far more concerning. The one, than can be caused by electronic devices and leads to evacuation.

A dramatic moment was captured in Ryanair aircraft, Barcelona airport earlier this month. One passenger had a mobile which probably enjoyed the vacation heat too much.

The battery of the mobile just started spitting fire and blowing up. Thankfully it happened before the takeoff and all passengers were evacuated safely.

Some passengers filmed the tension that happened before the evacuation. But when the smoke filled the aircraft everyone started panicking.

After evacuation all the passengers were taken to Barcelona airport Terminal One where they waited for transfering.

Later the photos were shared on social media regarding the burning device.

 Who's device was it?

The traveler, who's phone caught fire is from New Zealand but his identity is not known for the public. Apparently, he kept the phone in a suitcase above when it started burning.

"All the passengers were evacuated from the aircraft in a safe way to the terminal and the cabin crew took charge of the device", the spokesman of Ryanair said.

One of the passengers explained, that the aircraft was full of smoke. But since the cabin crew rushed to get out the passengers as fast as possible, the evacuation went well.